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Plastic Moulding


Our modern microprocessor moulding machines range from 25t to 80t lock and ensure that we're able to provide fast and reliable production of quality mouldings for every one of our customers. For inserts, over moulding and cable-over moulding, we use semi-automatic machines.

Fast and reliable production

We process all engineering materials, including:

• Nylon

• Polycarbonate

• Acetal








All of the above can be processed with or without glass or mineral filled grades. In addition, commodity materials such as LDPE, HDPE and Polypropylene are used.

Our range of post-moulding operations such as assembly, inserts, printing and packaging, complement our highly reliable and successful moulding service.

Engineering materials processed

Post-moulding operations

Alongside our fast and reliable moulding services, we also offer mould making and rapid prototyping - all carried out in the most efficient manner, with state of the art equipment.

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