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Mould making

Mould tools are made in our own fully-equipped tool room to meet customer specifications. We're experienced in producing fully hardened production tools with hot runner systems and core pull etc., as well as aluminium prototype tools for lower volume production.

Cost effective mould making

  • CAD/CAM facility

  • Soft steel tools

  • Hardened production tools for high production quantities

  • Prototypes/samples

  • 3D printing

If minimising costs is crucial to you and your business, our fully approved Far Eastern partner can be utilised to produce original tooling, which is then transferred to the UK for production runs.

If you require mould making services, please send us an email.

What we offer

Minimising costs

As well as highly effective, professional mould making facilities, we also offer injection moulding, rapid prototyping and 3D printing.

Looking for something extra?

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