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Make sure your parts are operational and avoid costly delays. Email us now.

Our rapid prototyping service is delivered using state of the art, highly accurate 3D prototyping facilities.

Rapid prototyping


We provide working prototypes within one working day, ensuring that the design and development process is kept as short as possible. From an STL CAD model, we can produce the part so it can be handled, tested and used before the mould is produced.

Do you need to test the function, fit or form of your parts?

We will work with you through all parts of the process to ensure your expectations are met. Our finished prototypes are fully functional with gear forms, thread and undercuts, where designed. These can be manufactured in a matter of hours.

If you don't have a CAD model, we can use your 2D information to bring your drawings to life by making one in house. Please feel free to email your 2D information to us.

What can I expect?

Don't have a CAD model?

In addition to our rapid 3D prototyping services, we also offer injection moulding and mould making services. All of our services are timely without compromising the quality of the finished product.

Need more than a prototype?

The prototyping machinery